Irrigation Management Services

These are some of the irrigation management services we provide to help clients start saving water and money:

Water Usage Analysis

draft-waterusageanalysisA Water Usage Analysis such as the one depicted here will provide an accurate picture of how your system has been performing. Specifically, it will tell us how much water your landscape required as compared to how much you used.

“Smart” Controller Specification

We will specify the type of smart controller that matches up to your specific application. This will depend on several factors including the amount and cost of your water usage as well as the degree of operational control desired for your system.

System Remote Monitoring

We can provide daily monitoring and adjustment services for your system to insure it is operating based on real time weather conditions. In addition, we will track system performance and report any and all issues as they occur to prevent the loss of water or damage to plant material.

 Certified Landscape Irrigation Audit &/or Inspection

We will complete an audit &/or inspection of your system which will detail the operational inefficiencies that need to be addressed. Over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the irrigation industry (specification, design, installation, service, & management) enable us to quickly define all operational issues with your system.

Irrigation Design Services

We offer complete design services for your residential or commercial property. We focus on providing you with a system that will differentiate between the many components of your landscape. The true cost of your irrigation system is not the cost of installation but rather the cost to operate the system (see below). Therefore, the initial design must be based on the actual multiple demands for water that exist in any landscape. This will insure that you are not overwatering one area in order to apply the correct amount of water to another.

Soccer Field / Central Virginia Installation / Operation Cost Analysis March, 2010

Avg. Req. UsageEstimated CurrentCurrent Avg. CostProjected CostProjected CostProjected CostProjected CostProjected Cost
(05-09)Install Costper GalYear 1Year 5Year 10Year 15Year 20
Oper/Install %37%186%372%558%744%
* Note that all projected costs are based on 09 average cost per gallon.


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